Saturday, March 25, 2017

Things My Dogs Have Taught Me

This year marks my 19th year working with dogs......just a few things they've taught me..........
Stepping on a partially chewed Nylabone hurts almost as much as having an Elk Antler dropped on your bare foot
Slipping in dog drool on the ceramic tile floor will not end well

Tripping over the dog in the dark because he decided to sleep next to your bed instead of on his bed results in some profanity

Coming in too fast can result in getting a black eye instead of a dog kiss

Realizing your arm really does not bend ‘that way’ when your dog pulls on leash
Throwing too many bumpers at the lake will result in months of Physical Therapy
Having your phone fall out of your pocket and onto the ground, breaking the screen, because your puppy got into the laundry and chewed a hole in your shorts because you always have treats in your pocket
Seeing all the warning lights on your dashboard light up because the dog was not sleeping in the back seat he was chewing thru all the wiring under your seat
Seeing how far into the air you can fly when the dog hits you full steam from behind in the back yard
Learning that ‘bend at the knees’ is not a dance move it’s a survival technique during playtime
Wishing you had spent less money at the Pet Store and more money on the ‘better’ steam cleaner
The moment you realize you got Giardia from your dogs
Realizing your potential as a sprinter as you rush to get your dog off the carpet and onto the tile floor as their puking

Remembering that our time together will never be long enough so make every minute count

Saying goodbye really can result in a broken heart 
Knowing I wouldn't change a thing