Friday, January 11, 2013

Catch Them Being Good

How often do you stop what you're doing and 'Catch Your Dog Being Good'?    Throughout the day our dogs are doing wonderful things that are often overlooked.  We become so focused on the things we don't like that we fail to see all the wonderful things our pups do each and every day. 

  • Greeting you calmly at the door
  • Watching the squirrels run around in the yard without barking
  • Not stealing food off the table
  • Not reacting to the doorbell by acting like a lunatic
  • Waiting patiently at the door to go for a walk
  • Laying quietly at your feet while you read
  • Sleeping on their dog bed
  • Tolerating your bad mood *grin*
All of these behaviors are worthy of clicks/treats, praise and attention, is your dog getting that from you?

We set our dogs up for failure by not providing them with supervision, management, adequate education and training.  The article linked below is written by Kelly Gorman Dunbar and sums up the confusion surrounding raising, training and living with dogs.

If you want to see positive changes in your dog, start by changing your attitude and the way you interact with your dog!  

And yes I did stop what I was doing and praise the 3 dogs in this picture for resting quietly when they could been wrestling around and acting like hooligans :)

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