Friday, August 26, 2011

The Dos and Dont's Of Taking Your Puppy To A Parade

It's a tradition in my town to attend the Chelsea Fair Parade.  It's great spending time with family friends, neighbors and of course my puppy I'm training.   Taking a puppy to a parade is a great way to expose them to a variety of new sights and sounds, lots of new people, fire trucks, sirens, horses, tractors, motorcycles, the list goes on and on.   There are however things to consider before heading out with your pup.

To make this a positive experience for your puppy here are some things to consider:
  • Pick a location that allows your puppy to feel comfortable.  It's best to position yourself a distance away from the parade until you can determine if your puppy is comfortable with the noise and activity. 
  • Pick a location that is shaded so your puppy will not overheat
  • Bring water if the temps are warm
  • Take YUMMY treats and offer them freely
  • Give them a chew toy or frozen cheese kong and let them enjoy and relax
  • Watch for signs of stress in your puppy and know when it's time to leave, even if the Parade is not over
  • Let your puppy meet and greet strangers
  • Allow your puppy to take breaks and to move around, sitting still for long periods of time is not much fun for a puppy and can be stressful.
So grab your bug spray, blanket, puppy and enjoy the fun!

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