Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside.........So Lets Train Inside

Don't let the cold Michigan weather keep you from training and socializing your dog.   With the single digit temps we've been having,  it's easy to see why most people opt out of outdoor activities with their dog.   It is however  important to remember that our puppies and dogs need ongoing socialization.    Just like people, dogs get 'cabin fever' so make sure they're not spending too much time at home watching life go by from the living room window.

With the help of our good friends at Wags To Wiskers Ann Arbor and Chelsea we are now offering Indoor Socialization Outings.  The Outings are open to all K9 Home Schooling students 12 weeks of age and older. 

The class is 1 hour and limited to 4 students.   It's an opportunity to be around other dogs practice skills learned in class and meet and greet strangers.   Whether we are practicing loose leash walking or polite greetings, it's a fun and WARM opportunity to train your dog. 

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