Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well On Her Way To Adulthood

Faye has just turned 7 months old and she continues to be an amazing puppy. Of course at 7 months of age she is slowly leaving puppyhood and entering adolescence. This is a wonderful time when your sweet wonderful puppy becomes more independent, curious, mischevious and yes at times down right annoying.

Can You Hear Me Now!
These past few weeks Faye found her voice and boy does she like to use it. She decided that barking in her crate was a sure fire way to get peoples attention but she quickly learned that the consequence was that we ignore her so that behavior may be short lived. She also found that her voice echoes outside and that there are many things to bark at such as birds, kids on bikes, other dogs and joggers. She quickly found that this barking always results in being brought back into the house. It was amazing how quickly she learned that quiet dogs get more attention and freedom.

Catch Me If You Can!
My family continues to learn the importance of putting their valuables away. A young adolescent dog enjoys chewing just about anything they can sink their teeth into and Faye is no exception. For a young dog there is nothing more enjoyable than a game of 'chase me' especially if the human is waving their arms, jumping up and down and screaching as they attempt to catch you. I've raised ALOT of dogs and every single one of them has gone through this phase. Fortunately we know that there are great alternatives such as not being a participant, asking for an alternative behavior such as Leave It or Come and most importantly PUTTING AWAY VALUABLE ITEMS :) There is a rule in my home for all the humans, If you place value on something, put it away!

What's A Girl To Do?
Just when when we think Faye is tired and ready for a nap, she gets her second wind. There seems to be no end to her boundless energy. The good news is we have alot of dog friends and have seen alot of them lately. We've also taken advantage of the many lakes in our area and swim a few times each week. Along with physical exercise we've increased her training to allow for mental stimulation. There is nothing worse than a bored dog, they tend to do things that make us CRAZY.

So in a nutshell, Faye is just like every other puppy. There are no shortcuts to adulthood, no magic wands to stop bad behavior, no perfect puppies:) We have to manage her environment, continue with obedience training, LOTS of exercise and a good sense of humor is especially helpful.

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