Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Your Pets Recovery Time Less Stressful

In just 2 days Faye will be restriction free after her Spay and able to resume her normal puppy life. It's been a REALLY long 10 days for her, no running, jumping, doggie playdates, swimming, etc. To restrict her activity she had to spend extended periods of time in her crate. Faye has always been very comfortable in her crate but I wanted to be sure that this extended crate time didn't change her 'feelings' about being confined.

For starters I made sure that when she has to spend time in her crate she has a frozen cheese kong to keep her company. Lock down is made a little bit easier when you have a yummy treat to keep you busy.

Her exercise is restricted to leash walks only so I've adjusted my schedule to make sure she is getting 3-4 walks per day. A tired puppy is more likely to rest in their crate.

She'a been eating her meals out of food dispending toys to make meal time last longer.

Yesterday we made a quick drop in visit to the Vet office so she could get treats and hugs from the staff instead of shots and surgery:)

The past few days I've been teaching her new skills, paw targeting, hold/give, spin, bow and a few other fun tricks.

Even though Faye has been a wonderful patient, I know she will be thrilled when Friday arrives and she can bust loose.

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