Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fayes Firsts

Faye will be turning 6 months old this week, the time is passing so quickly. I can't remember when I have had so much fun raising a puppy. She is calm, confident, playful and loves to train. Since her arrival I've been working through my Puppy Socialization Check List. So many places to go and people to meet, she has done wonderfully every step of the way.

This past week Faye graduated from small puppy restrictions to earning a little more freedom. For starters she is now able to ride in my Van outside of her crate. If I need to leave her in the Van I will still crate her, but for tooling around town with me she is free and loving it. She has also had a few opportunities to be left free on the first floor of our home while I was upstairs. She was more than happy to just hang out with Leo. She still has ner moments of mischief so total freedom is not an option this early in the game, but we are gradually working towards it.

She experienced her first Fireworks this week, loud, obnoxiious boomers and took it all in stride.

The most exciting turn of events has been her wonderful behavior when we have guests in our home. We have ALOT of people come and go through our home so she has had alot of practice. Faye was quite the jumper and nipper in the early weeks but now will keep all four on the floor and mouth closed when greeting guests. I'm sure the sign I had posted on my front door directing visitors to ignore her until she kept four on the floor helped ALOT.

As the weeks and months go by there will be many more firsts for Faye.

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