Sunday, May 23, 2010

Would you like to volunteer in your Community with your dog? Are you hoping to train your dog to become a Social Support Therapy Dog? Does your dog have solid obedience skills, sound temprement, enjoys human contact and adapts well to change? If so, you should consider training your dog for a career in Therapy Dog Work. In the past few years Therapy Dogs have become very popular in medical settings, schools and as social support companions for persons with special needs. Therapy Dog are used in hospital settings to bring comfort to patients or trained to actively participate in Physical Therapy programs. Therapy Dogs participate in the R.E.A.D. Program (Reading Education Assistance Dogs). R.E.A.D. Therapy Dogs, visit libraries and schools as part of a fun Animal Assisted Activity which allows children to read to the dog one-on-one. Social Support Therapy Dogs are life changing for persons with Autism, developmental disabilities or chronic health conditions. These dogs offer companionship, emotional support, participate in therapies to improve speech and coordination and improve social skills K9 Home Schooling developed and offers the only Therapy Dog Prep School in southeast Michigan. This program is unlike traditional obedience classes or CGC classes in that it is geared specifically for the training needs of dogs and humans pursuing Therapy Dog Testing. Our instructor, Michelle McCarthy is a Certified Therapy Animal Consultant and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She has years of experience working as a Therapy Dog Team in the community. Michelle worked with staff members to develop and launch a Therapy Dog Program at Chelsea Community Hospital called Paws-itive Comfort. She coordinated and launched R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dog) Programs at the Ann Arbor and Chelsea District Libraries. Michelle is a Tester/Observer for Therapy Dogs Incorporated, a national Therapy Dog Organization. Upon successful completion of either Pup Start or Dog Training Fundamentals-1 you would be eligable to enroll in Therapy Dog Prep School. The 6 week session allows students to begin preparing their canine companion for a career in Therapy Dog Work or as a Social Support Therapy Dog. There will be instruction and practice with successful therapy dog commands as well as discussion on techniques for effective interaction between visiting teams and patients. Students enrolled in Therapy Dog Prep School are eligable to participate in Socialization Classes we hold at local Malls and Medical Facilities in the community. These classes allow teams to practice skills learned in class. These classes are not designed to certify dogs, but rather to give both handler and dog the tools to become effective therapy teams and to be better prepared for tests conducted by various programs. The next session of Therapy Dog Prep School will be in June 2010. For more information contact

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