Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keeping Your Puppy Busy And Out Of Trouble

Today I found pieces of my favorite decorative plant spread all over my familyroom floor. And in the middle of the action was Faye enjoying the dismanteling process. My first reaction of course was the same as every other puppy parent, I was REALLY irritated. I then caught myself wanting to rant and rave at her until realized someone must have left her unattended. I also realized that she must have been bored or she would not have found my belongings so appealing. With a young puppy in the house it's my job to keep her out of trouble. It's also my responsibility to provide her with appropriate chew toys and mental stimulation. I cleaned up the mess and went in search of a fun toy for her to play with. I found her Kibble Nibble, filled it with treats and watched her roll it around the floor so the treats would dispense. I am constantly reminded that puppies need supervision, not only when we have time, but all the time. These early months are hectic and demanding of our attention, but they don't have to be miserable. If you find yourself frustrated with your distructive puppy, take a closer look at your role in supervising and providing appropriate outlets for normal puppy behavior.

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