Monday, May 31, 2010

Fayes Firsts

When you have a new puppy there are so many 'firsts', especially during the socialization period, birth--20 weeks. We checked 2 more off our list this weekend, swimming and a Parade. Faye took to the water like a fish, or labrador *grin*. It's always fun to watch a puppy swim for the first time, lots of splashing around until they figure out how to make those webbed feet work. After a fun day of swimming we were on to our next adventure a Parade on Memorial Day. There were marching bands, fire trucks, lots of kids, tons of dogs and a ceremony complete with a military gun salute. I was so proud of Faye, she was calm and relaxed the entire time. She met alot of new people and ignored alot of obnoxious dogs. As Faye approaches 5 months of age I'm amazed at her progress, she is such a wonderful puppy.

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