Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playing Builds Confidence

Today Faye had fun playing in a 8 ft long Tunnel. This was her first time and she had blast. When puppies are young we want to expose them to a wide variety of new experiences like climbing stairs, walking over differnt surfaces, strange noises and playing in confined spaces like a tunnel. When you pair the new experiences with yummy treats and lots of encouragement and praise your puppy learns that the world is a fun place. The first 18 weeks of your puppies life are the time when critical first impressions are made. If your puppy has a positive experience he will remember it always, unfortunately the same can be true for negative experiences. We do, however, want to use caution with our young puppy, so as not to overwhelm them in our attempt to “Socialize” them. The key to success is working at a pace that allows your puppy to feel safe and comfortable. You never want to force your puppy into a situation that makes him feel anxious or fearful. If your puppy seems fearful or apprehensive, back off and try again another day. The socialization process is a Marathon not a Sprint, so pace yourself and enjoy wathcing your puppy explore their ever changing world!

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