Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chewing-Keeping It Healthy

With a new puppy in our home we are constantly looking for appropriate chew items for Faye to sink her teeth into. With so many choices at the Pet Store it can be overwhelming. My priority is always to find healthy chewys for my dogs. Young puppies need to chew ALOT, it relieves the pain of teething, relieves stress and boredom and it's just plain relaxing. If you don't provide your puppy or dog with appropriate chew objects they will likely sinks their choppers into something of yours. Teaching appropriate chew habbits needs to start from the day they arrive in your home, don't wait for bad chewing habbits to develop or you could spend a lifetime trying to break them. Not to mention the damage a chewing dog can cause or the potential danger that can arise from 'illegal' chewing.

An all time favorite for our dogs has always been carrots and apples. You can core the apples because they can't eat the seeds, freeze the apple and it's good for a few hours of chewing. It's healthy and can help clean their teeth, an added benefit. The same is true for carrots, give them straight out of the fridge or freeze them first. Either way, it's a healthy chew toy and economical too!

If you want to get really creative make an ice mold. You can include pieces of fruit or vegetable, small doggie treats or pieces of their dry kibble. This is a big hit on a warm summer day.

There are of course foods that your dog can not eat such as raisins, grapes, chocolate and onion. For a complete listing check with your Veterinarian.

So the next time your puppy gets the urge to chew open of your fridge and pull out something healthy!

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