Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jump Start Puppy Classes In Ann Arbor

K9 Home Schooling is pleased to announce Jump Start Puppy Class.

Jump Start Puppy Class is for puppies between 10 and 24 weeks of age. This is a great way to prepare your puppy for a group class and begin to teaching basic manners.

There will be discussions on housebreaking, management, socialization, basic household manners and much more. Your Puppy will gain socialization skills as well as get some much needed exercise and play time. Under the supervision of our experienced Instructor, you will learn how to better understand canine body language by watching your puppy interact with the other puppies and dogs.

You will be given advice on how to pick playmates for your puppy, how to properly socialize your puppy, as well as selecting appropriate play environments.

To enroll in this class, visit our website,

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