Monday, December 7, 2009

Future Landscaper!

Is your dog trying to get to China by way of your backyard? Many dogs are diggers much to the dismay of their family. Why do dogs dig? Well there are many reasons, boredome, recreation, hunting and because it's just fun! The good news is there are things you can do to redirect this annoying behavior. First, provide your dog with a 'digging pit'. This is an area specially designed for your dog or puppy to dig in. It can be a kiddie pool filled with sand or a sectioned off area of your yard. You can bury some of his favorite toys or bones. If Fido wonders off to another area of your yard, you can quickly lead him back to his digging pit and reward him for digging in the appropriate area.

If you have a dog prone to digging, you need to provide adequate supervision. This means, don't put Fido in the yard alone, he will quickly become bored and you got it, START DIGGING! Provide your dog with appropriate toys outside, this will help deter digging out of boredom. I recommend using food dispensing toys, they are interactive, require brain power, and keep your dog entertained and less likely to dig out of boredom.

Play with your dog outside, they will be less likely to dig if someone is tossing a ball or throwing a frisbie. There are few dogs that enjoy just hanging out in the backyard alone, keep them busy!

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